The biggest pandemic in the world

Is not obesity, was not Covid, or is not going to be nuclear explosion (maybe).

The biggest pandemic in the world is loneliness.

Loneliness while living with your family.
Loneliness of pretending to be happy with your team.
Loneliness of trying to

Each one of us is lonely in ways we cannot imagine.

So what is the cure out of loneliness?

Go for a movie? Go bowling? Treat yourself some spa?

All of these are bandages.

The ultimate cure is two-fold:

  1. Consuming good content. Reading or videos. Let your mind make new frameworks
  2. Sending forgiveness to people who made you feel lonely, in your mind. Even if they never asked for it. You do it for you.

Both these are practises, that will take a lot of effort but will bring the max success.

PS: And they will take hard work. But you know what will take even more hard work? Sticking to where you are.

Choose your level of hard work. Choose you.