Life mantra on trusting people

If someone reaches out to you with a feedback on why you are doing something wrong and why you should do it better, consider this:

– Is it really meaningful that it could help you?

If yes, please go ahead with it.

However, often, when I receive feedback from someone on changing something in myself, I ask myself: Are they there to cheer me up when I do something good according to them?

Mostly, the answer is no.

If they can’t be there as my cheerleader, are they truly my cheerleader when they are picking my flaws? Or perhaps they are simply trying to exert their importance?

Which of the above two choices you make is often a matter of intuition and wisdom. However, being aware of the second consequence (because a lot of people do not consider that possibility) is important.

You can grow to new heightened self worth only if you don’t let it hijacked by people who care the least about it.