The Virat Kohli supremacy

When you see Virat Kohli do wonders, you not only see him doing wonders.

You also see a part of you doing wonders.

If Virat can, so can you.
If Cheeku can rise from the ashes of not ever being able to show his father how good he has become and still plays, so can you.
If Virat can perfect over his game while the rest of his colleagues are dumping weird stuff into their stomach, so can you.

A year ago, on 23 October 2022, Virat lead us out of an almost lost game in T20 World Cup against Pakistan.

Yesterday, yet again, he lead the entire game and made victory come to us, like he has been doing it in most World Cup matches so far.

This is not his genius.
This is his silent preparation.
This is him getting out of the worst phase of his career.
This is him showing up and doing the right thing even though he is not a captain anymore – because he is still and will always be the captain of the game he plays – which is the only thing he can control.

Virat isn’t just making runs and making us win.
Virat is perseverance, hard work and tons of mental fitness in action.

Hope we take this as the biggest inspiration from him.