To truly be selfless, you gotta be selfish

Think of what comes to your mind when I say the word “selfless”.

Someone who is:

  • There for others
  • Helping others when they need it
  • Is able to deal with difficult situations of life with utmost grace.

To do all of this, there is one fundamental thing that is needed: To take care of yourself – physically, mentally, emotionally.

Physically strong – you gotta exercise and eat right, and say no to almost “every good thing” that is offered in family gatherings. Which requires you to be:

Mentally strong – you gotta put the right information and ideas in your head, and literally stand guard at the gate of your mind to let no one enter who messes up with your mind (even if unknowingly). This is a tough state, that requires you to be:

Emotionally strong – to be in charge of your emotions and not to let instant decisions take on rationality and wisdom.

All of the above requires tremendous effort, willpower, and mostly, the commitment to say yes to yourself, before anyone else.

When you have gotten to a place of building that inner empire for yourself, you will become such an unfathomable force of joy and giving and selflessness, that people will wonder if you could be selfish. But you are. And there shouldn’t be any regret about it 🙂