To win at life

To win at life does not mean doing something special, needle moving in a little time or at a small age.

To win at life you simply need to follow the basic steps.

  • Be kind when it is expected to be cruel.
  • Give blessings (in and from heart) especially to those who give opposite of blessings.
  • Be, then do.
  • Listen to the wisdom of elders. It could save you years of wandering.
  • Go to the woods / beach to know thyself.
  • Be relentless in your pursuit of mastery and never stop being a beginner.
  • Throw out all your hurt and pain into your journal. We all need to process the hurt in order to go through it.
  • Books are the pearls of wisdom embedded in a seabed. Always be surrounded by them.
  • Stopping use of social media is the best therapy.
  • Trust the process. It will all eventually turn out to be right, even though it doesn’t seem like now.