What you do when no one is watching

If you want to see how your future looks like 5 / 10 / 15 years down the line, just check what you do when no one is watching you. That is how you will become.

An authentic human being needs no one else to drive them, they are driven by their mission. They need no one to bog them down, they keep walking by paving their track from the stones people throw at them.

You can sense what a person does in a private time with their habits of the outside and the way they behave with other human beings.

Btw the purpose of this blog is self transformation, not judging others. Have a close reflection at yourself when you are alone, what do you need to change, where there is a scope of improvement, where you could be even better. Even though you are living a great life, there is no top end. You owe it to yourself to be relentlessly better even when (especially) when no one is watching.