Birthday wisdom

Birthday comes once a year, and we get all the way excited to be happy, not to let any negativity creep in and most importantly, to cherish it.

Why don’t we take that care every single day of the year? Your and my life is very special and iconic, and even an insignificant day brings with itself lots of lessons and tonnes of wisdom, if we get still and be aware of our lives.

Here are a few of the wisdom takes on my birthday, learnt in this iconic life:

  1. Tomorrow means never.
  2. Learn to handle the energy of people and transform it by your own positive aura. People may be superbad, yet you have the power to influence any situation with your positive aura. No one can deny you of that.
  3. Go have a nature walk. You will not be the same person after that.
  4. A good friend is worth more than all the gold in the world.
  5. Follow your intuition and feed your happiness. Dig out as many logics as possible away from that, and you will not be happy.
  6. People’s anger is usually their deepest pain and fear made verbal.
  7. Worry about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner.
  8. When in doubt / stress / anxiety, do not check your phone. Go take a walking snooze of ten minutes.
  9. When something undesirable happens, for the first time it is destiny, next time it is karma.
  10. Smile even when you feel like crying. Please.
  11. You become the books you read and the people you spend your time with.
  12. Do your own good work. That is what you are accountable to.
  13. Take advice from people who are your role models. Not from those whose life you would never want to live.
  14. There is great power in daily baby steps.
  15. When addicted to blue screen, drink water intermittently like you are addicted to it. It will save your life, because spending time on blue screen is like having a glass of alcohol.
  16. “Speak your truth, even when your voice shakes,” says Robin Sharma.
  17. Be careful of what you do when no one is watching. Those habits are sculpting your future.
  18. Be kind for no reason. (And put a wide fence for filtering the ones who enter.)
  19. The three magical words are not “I love you”, they are “I hear you.”
  20. Say no to gossip, either in front or behind people’s back and you will travel light in this journey through life.
  21. Write hand written thank you notes. Life is too small to not to be grateful for the smallest to the biggest of blessings.
  22. The world belongs only to the learners. You die the day you stop learning.
  23. Be. Then do.
  24. When anger and hurt and resentment is expected out of you, be calm and show understanding and respect. Because the respect you give others is a dramatic reflection of the respect you give yourself.
  25. All the answers lie within you. Go still and listen.
  26. Have the power of discernment for power to tolerate and power to face.
  27. Read number 2. Again.

That’s all people, 27 for 27 years of life.

Hope the above helps you out in some way in sailing this journey through life, and helps you become a superhuman. Because you get to choose to be one.