Rising role and power

As you grow up the pyramid in the organisational ladder, you are sure to get recognition, rare connections with key customers and power to make crucial decisions.

What matters most is not to attach your identity to these external things. As much they make you feel good, they will go one day. What will always be with you is the person you became in the process and what values you never gave up in order to be liked by everyone.

Some of the values to never give up on:

  • Never judging. Not only in big forms, also in minutiae like clothes, food choices and the way someone talks with their family
  • Diet. He who has health has a thousand dreams, he who does not have health, has only one. Which one is better? One or thousand? Thousand, right? To attain that thousand only one choice needs to be made: choice of planning meals in advance for the day and polite, non-negative no for all cakes, pizza, patties and soft drink parties in office
  • Time. Staying in office up late is not bravery, it is rather a reflection of inefficiency. Being powerful means powerful enough to leave office on time along with delivering superb results.

How do we do all the above? You do not need to “do” any of these, you just need to decide. Doing will happen automatically from you based on standards you have set for yourself.