What drives you

Why do people do what they do?

Why do they make permanent decisions based on temporary feelings?

Why is there a huge gap between the big goals they set and the daily consistent actions they take towards attaining them?

Why do they make a decision to go to the gym and avoid junk food in the morning and very same night they end up binging?

Two reasons:

1. Someone else: They set goals in order to prove to that guy / girl / uncle / aunt and are not having intrinsic motivation. You will ultimately lose edge and your anchor if someone else holds the baton.

2. Self-worth: Even it big fat dreams are intrinsic, people who fail to achieve their goals are the ones who did not change what the believe about themselves. They did not alter their self-image, called as paradigms. Change in what you believe about yourself and changing the habits to achieve your big goals, is the key.

It is not about people not having the ability to attain their goals, it is simply about changing the logistics about how they view themselves and how they should not be placing the opinions of others at a higher pedestal.