Ingredients of not getting tired in evening

  1. Stop judging people by their kohl, quality of hair or quantity of gel.
  2. Give with an open heart. No one can take away you from you.
  3. With that open heart, remember to keep a fence to stop those very few people who sap your positive aura.
  4. Smile when you are happy and when you are upset. The toughest battles come to the lap of the toughest people.
  5. Happy is the person whose words and thoughts are in alignment.
  6. Learners seek learning (and reading), consumers seek entertainment.
  7. The best decisions are the ones when you say a polite, non-explanatory no to minutiae interrupting your priorities.
  8. Twenty minutes walk in the park is 100X better than wasting time and health on web series.
  9. Acceptance is the best gift your family needs.
  10. More water, less caffeine.

Which one are you going to apply in your life to ensure you do not return tired in the evening, are rather very powerful by the time day ends.