Better, ever

Gossip or comment about a boss, coworker, friend, relative is not just a remark for them.

It is also a lesson for the one making that remark: if they knew better, they’d do better.

People are never “bad” intentionally, they are so because that is what they know. Even if they are intentionally behaving incorrectly with you, that is because deep down they believe backbiting to be cool.

No matter what is being inflicted by them, they just know this much.

More than shattering comments, complains or even expectations, they need acceptance.

Acceptance that they are a wonderful human being, and be treated the same way.

Acceptance that they are respected and understood at the core.

A fully living, present human being always turns the toughest and most difficult person into a better person.

Be that human being.

Construct better through the way you occur.