The kingdom and the king

Imagine you happened to visit a kingdom. A kingdom, where all the subjects, ministers, and the local population: no one pays heed to what the king orders, no matter how important and urgent.

What would you think about such a king?

That exactly is the nature of human beings who cannot control their use of internet, social media and online shopping.

Their mind wants to stop, yet the screen has addicted them to the bad habit of staying glued to it.

Coming back to the kingdom, if you were appointed as the king’s counsellor, what advice would you give to the king?

Few suggestions:

  • Be assertive yet polite with your decisions. Only when you follow your decisions, your subjects will.
  • When a subject does not follow you, do not judge or punish. Simply forgive them, it gives them the acceptance to be better next time.
  • You are the ruler of your kingdom, not the king in the adjacent state. So run your kingdom by what feels right to you, and not what someone else is doing.

What if, people just applied these kingdom counsel to their habits and addictions they know are not making things better for them, rather making them worse, like eye damage, headache and restlessness, to name the beginner levels.

What if…if we counselled ourselves?