Hence, proved

A lot of people walk around the world with the purpose to prove themselves – prove that they are right, prove that they have achieved a lot, prove that there is nothing that can pierce them, etc.

While all of that may be true, what it does is, sap away all our energy and efforts that could be used to create another masterpiece.

Remember, masterpieces can be created only by those who are polite, humble and most importantly, giver of qualities. And you can be giver of qualities NOT by speaking them rather by living them.

One who tries to prove is perhaps arrogant and arrogance can never lead to power, even if it does, it is more of fear than real power.

Hence, use your power to create more masterpieces, to use less of me and you, and more of us, and more than anything else, to uplift everyone else in your presence and never to prove.