My friends hate me because of you

“My friends hate me because of you. So I am sorry, it’s personal.”

In a dialogue of the trailer of the Archies movie, Suhana Khan’s character says this to her father in the movie, who is apparently a rich businessman destroying a park to build a plaza.

Her friends put it out to her, and she is talking about that to her Dad.

This line from the trailer struck with me so hard, because, it defines how much we need companionship more than money.

Kids want friends instead of their parents’ money.
Human beings want connections instead of concoction in conversations.
People want to be with other people, want to be loved and that is personal, and business is personal, as much as we want to keep it mechanic.

But beyond everything, this line stayed with me because parents need to understand that all the money, vacations, and things in life cannot compensate for friendships and true bonds between people who care for each other.

Perhaps it is time for us to build that. Like it always was.

(PS: Not a paid post, brather!)