As she walked out, I saw her walking in utter confidence; myself reduced down to nothingness as invisible as an atom.

The worst part was, she didn’t know she was the reason of it. I didn’t know myself, when did I give her that baton.

Yet here she was, marching her own path with pride. There I was, unable to understand how it happened.

Then, in an instant my intuition hit me and I got the answer.

Nothing happens by pure luck. By whatever, two, three or eight decades we have spent in this lifetime, what is carried along with us is the deeds we did and karmas we created in the past lives.

Nothing happens purely by chance.

Now if me reducing down to atom was a past karma, the good news is: I can create a whole new karma in the present. The greater news is: it does not have to be at the cost of creating a negative karma with that fellow human being again.

It does not have to be recreated like that. You can overwrite anything you want, any number of times, with your new karmas.


And rise up from the ashes to the greatest peaks without bringing anyone down.