At the face value?

In the past week, I happened to meet two retired armed forces officers.

One of them served the country in Kargil war on the border, and also at the Siachen Glacier.

He told stories of how his colleagues with whom he used to have dinner with on one night, the next morning he used to carry their corpses on his shoulders.

The other one, the skeptical part of me judged him as arrogant, yet he turned out to be profoundly detached. After serving in the Navy for 18 years, he retired. That’s not the story. The story is: his two sons are also serving in Navy right now. Not only that, he has also adopted a son because his parents couldn’t take care of him.

Talk sacrifice.

Talk detachment with infinite love.

Talk service.

Now compare that with the complaints that you made today. Are they actually relevant?

You have the power to change it, which no one in these circumstances has ever had. Go use it!