Maybe someone could get better at your work and take over your job.

Maybe someone could take away your best friend or your sister away from you.

Maybe the colleagues who respect you so much would stop doing it.

It looks scary to lose what you have and where you are at.

How about this:

You will have to give up everything external one day. Why not build an irreplaceable internal resource?

What’s inside a hidden face?

Some people (still!) never upload a picture of themselves online.

Not that they hate themselves, however they are scared that their picture may be misused.

The point is, not to make you upload your picture.

The point is, to tell you, that if in the worst case your picture is used to be made fun of, it won’t ever reach you.

If it reaches your loved ones, don’t they trust you?

More than anything else, isn’t it a real fear of being seen?

Be seen. We need your example to be enlightened from.

It’s “show” time!

If you don’t know what to do, still show up.

If you don’t know how your presentation would be responded, still show up.

If you don’t know who all will like your work, still show up.

If you’re not sure if things will work out, still show up to make them work out.

Most of the things are done when we show up. Question is, will you show up?