The Best and the average

The best is the best.

The best became the best through a lot of hard work.

The best went through many hardships to reach there.

Now there is only one cliché: no one knows the best.

Do you know why?

Because the Best did not invest any efforts, time and maybe a little bit of money in promoting themselves and creating their brand.

A lot of people do know “the average”.

Do you know why?

Because the average engaged with their audience and built a brand through promotion and giving incredible value always.

Well, there is another cliché:

The best can still be the best known by others, if they start now.

If they start Now, not next Monday or birthday.


Okay Zomato, be more intuitive

Okay, this was fun.

Zomato has started applying the McD strategy of “Would you like to have a Coke?” by adding an option of the drink at the bottom.

That’s cool.

What could have been cooler, is that it tracked my past purchases and offered me butter milk instead. It would have been a no-brainer for me!

A little innovation along with borrowing from fellow brands, would make the customer stop Swi-ngagement!