We make resolutions and they keep on adding up.

And then we make further resolutions.

The files keep getting bigger.

What if, we do something different: like execution? What if, this time it really looks different? What if…


What will you do NOW? After this scrolling and swiping? Now?

Schedule is tight

My schedule is packed.

Don’t have time at all.

There is so much to do.

I don’t have the time to breathe even.

The words we impregnate our mind with, decide your destiny. If you don’t believe this, see happy human who accomplishes a ton of things and you will find they are busier than anyone else.

Perhaps a different equation could be: “I am tied up, lemme think how we I could do it.”

Or better yet, think over it and disagree to the task you don’t have time for, instead of consistently labelling yourself as time-less.

PS: Do you really want to be free and doing nothing always? If no, the best time to change your vocabulary was yesterday. The second best time is today.

The Best and the average

The best is the best.

The best became the best through a lot of hard work.

The best went through many hardships to reach there.

Now there is only one cliché: no one knows the best.

Do you know why?

Because the Best did not invest any efforts, time and maybe a little bit of money in promoting themselves and creating their brand.

A lot of people do know “the average”.

Do you know why?

Because the average engaged with their audience and built a brand through promotion and giving incredible value always.

Well, there is another cliché:

The best can still be the best known by others, if they start now.

If they start Now, not next Monday or birthday.