The Taj difference

Last weekend, as I went with my team to Goa, we stayed in the Taj.

In the past, I have stayed in several 3 and 4 star hotels of small and medium brands, however, staying in the Taj showed what luxury looks like. Here is what were the differences between the Taj and other hotels:

  1. The cutlery was kept in an envelope on your table. Always. It made it look so neat.
  2. There was a table + 2 chairs in each balcony. Didn’t see it in any hotel or resort so far.
  3. The buttons had names printed on them – vestibule, master, directions of lights, etc.
  4. The fridge cabinet was beautiful – looked like 9 synchronous drawers.
  5. The TV was not fitted ON the wall, it was fitted IN a custom made hole inside the wall.
  6. The Chef prepared onion and garlic free upma and sambhar for me – because that is how I like it.
  7. The breakfast menu – every head had 2-3 more items than the usual buffet – which made it grand. Also, each head was kept separately – a strategy to think for other hotels.
  8. An indoor AND an outdoor restaurant by the sea.

These were the differences I noticed, other than the usual ones, such as – bigger rooms, nice toiletries, outdoor decorations, super clean and classic washrooms, lotsss of bottles of water being given in housekeeping, glass door on the bathroom but nothing was visible, no need to ask for bathroom slippers or toothbrushes like other hotels – they were by default present, clean roads of the resort, etc.

Overall, a wonderful experience! The Taj rocks 🙂

Okay, some pics here.

PS: If you look on the outside, there was no difference between a 4 star and the Taj. However, when you look closely, you see all the differences.