One thing women must NOT do

Think of a scene in a household.

A millennial / GenZ is working on their laptop.

Mom is working on her things.

They are not talking. Not out of anger. Just because they’re chill.

Now imagine this.

Today, the Mom has gone to her Mom’s place.

Dad is at home because of evening curfew.

All of a sudden he feels alone.

Because guess what? The millennial kid is still working, nothing changed.

All of a sudden Dad felt he and his presumed “importance” were not catered to.

We do this so often, so much, that we even forget we do this.

What? The need to make men not feel alone.

That’s why shy girls speak more when around men. Just to comfort them.

Or daughters try to please Dads. Just because of this subconscious need to not make him feel alone.

Or why overriding a man’s instructions in office has to be supported with reasons.

If there is one thing women must not do, is this: Try to please men. It is so so so deep-rooted that we think it is our love for them, however, it is in reality rooting to that nature of not letting silence do the talking.

For females – in formal and personal relationships, we do a lot of talking through silence.
For males – in all relationships, you do not need to do the talking.

Just be. Who you are. In every relationship. Irrespective of the gender of the person you’re speaking to.