How long have you been friends for?

We all go through different layers of friendships.

Starting with school. Then college friends. Then friends in our jobs. Succeeded by our latest friends.

In all these stages, we have some “hello” kind of friends, some are good friends, and some become our lifelong friends.

And as much as we believe that our latest friends are our best friends (of course, they are the ones who pop up on our Instagram stories), the older the friend, the greater the understanding.

No matter you cry and talk about your boss with your latest friends, your college friends actually know where that is coming from.

No matter how much nostalgic we are with our college friends and our wonderful memories, our school friends do not need that – they are our by default psychiatrists and psychologists.

Every relationship gets stronger with the passage of time, of course, when it is nurtured consistently.

Time is power in friendships, and not investing that is losing on exponential rewards of love and belonging to a community.