We, the humans

Just because we are humans, we will thrive in accordance with living with other humans.

This would, in itself, make the process difficult because all humans are different.

However, if you learn to be easy, things are going to change – because you cared for the common good, you cared to make the other person feel good, and also you didn’t care to follow the angry zone of the world and marched to your own beat of ease and peace.

Success costs?

Do you feel intimidated by more successful people?

It’s good to, as long as that is where you want to be.

It’s not good, if you’re taking that from relatives who don’t know where they are going.

Choices we get to make.

When you have a terrible life problem

Someone in my circle, is going through a tough time in their life.

They have been going through a lot of tough decisions that they want to take.

Last couple of days, we got to spend some time together.

I spoke with them on some days, and they were okay the next day.

Today they’re back to square one, wishing and wanting the world to change.

Here’s the secret about the world: It will change the moment we change.

In order for us to change, it will:

a. initially require focussed effort

b. an effort to leave your bad habits

c. the belief that in order to change your life, you need to change your life.

The dependency on people is short lived. You get to spend your entire life with yourself. What you choose to do when no one is watching, is what you get to become when everyone is watching.

Too serious?

Is it okay to take yourself seriously?

Or should you be happy and easy-going?

The answer is: you should take yourself seriously and be easy going in the process.

Take your mindset seriously, and be easy going towards the first time mistakes (second timers are the ones you didn’t learn from).

Take your efforts seriously, and easy going towards someone else’s.

You always know when is it the time to be disciplined and when to chill. You just need to decide – which will come from practising serious discipline as well as easy going discipline.

Trust and Betrayal

There’s a very close relationship of mine, where I do not feel the need to be around them anymore. We’ve been very well connected, to the extent that when I used to cry alone miles away, she used to have an intuition that something is wrong with me.

Then today, I had a conversation with a mutual friend, who said she has been pushing him to convince me to take a major life step, which I do not want to take.

Then it really hit me to connect the dots. Just because this person does not respect my life choices at an inner level, I had been consistently losing this feeling of being around them.

That is such a deep thing. Not because I was #betrayed. Okay maybe I was, however a deeper thing was that we always act out basis what is happening there inside.

There are no two sides. The white ultimately becomes light grey shortly which ends up becoming black over a period of time.

Trust is something you build when they’re not watching. Hard to build trust with someone if you don’t trust yourself.

I don’t have anger against them, I only have blessings for them to trust and respect themselves. Because it takes a broken person from inside to disrespect and not give trust to the other person’s choices.

Truth is freaking hard bro!

You really want to speak everything bad to that one person.

Except the fact that, that bad won’t change them either. It would just make them worse off.

You want to talk with that one person who does not want to talk with you.

Except the fact that, even if they start talking with you they won’t respect you anyway.

You want to change that one family member whose habits you’re not proud of.

Except the fact that, even if by a miracle of Aladdin’s Ginnie, even if they change – is your happiness always conditional on other people?

You want your team to love you.

Except the fact that, everyone loves only couch potato. For someone who is “doing something” will never be liked by all.

You want to….

Except the fact that, there will always be a “yang” to every “yin”, and vice versa.

Walking on the path of truth, is the only journey you’d be proud of!

To have the focus

We all have been given this free time.

A lot of free time.

Time to reflect, time to think, time to be the best.

Yet amidst all this there is one most important thing that no influencer has ever told you: to be self respecting.

Self – respect. It means to be in the zone of loving yourself. To know who you are. To be just the best version of you.

It may sound repetitive. To those who don’t practice it.

To those who do, it’s life changing.


You wake up in the morning and are filled with utter positivity.

You get out of your home and receive an unexpected news.

A news that tells you that you are not required.

You didn’t expect it. However it did happen.

You don’t know what to do now.

Then what to do? How to proceed? How to make the next right move?

Here’s how: take some time. Take the time to be calm. Take the time to relax. Take the time to think.

And then, take the step that you would proudly be able to tell God.

An introvert’s positivity

Be positive.

Spread the positive vibes.

Give goodness to others.

Speak positively.

While all of that may hold true, if you’re an introvert, none of this might hold true to you.

You may just want to sit around and observe life. Be calm and say nothing. Simply smile with an acute gratitude and bliss at the same time. Forming stories inside your own head.

Just be that, the world needs your things, as Susan Cain said. You being yourself is the best gift you could give to yourself.

“Will you take care of me,” says who!

We live in a messy world.

Or maybe we have created it so.

Or maybe the world is a beautiful place to be.

Or maybe…

…maybe you know all I am going to say that it is a matter of perception.

All that said and done, the world you and I outside is created by what we do within.

If you disagree, try thinking ONLY positive for the next twenty-four hours and notice the difference.