Not just one instance…

There was not just one instance that drew me away from you.

I was there happily and honesty for you, even after you were rude to me once. And that turned into twice. And thrice. And ten times.

On the tenth time, I really understood that maybe my permanence in your life is not something you really value that much.

So I decided to remove my permanence from your life.

Not to teach you a lesson, I didn’t have that right anymore, had to cede that right without me being aware of it.

I removed myself because I was not able to respect myself every time I looked at the way you took me for granted.

So instead of begging at your door for the eleventh time, I knocked my own door for the first time.

And wow!!! My heart opened space for me to blossom, like it had been signaling me for years.

Thank you, you, for removing my permanence from your life. Thank you.