Success and happiness

My cousin forwarded a video about success and happiness, from a very well known person.

There was this closing line about it, that particularly stuck my head (greatly designed in that way, though 😊). It said:

“You can be successful doing what others want you to do, you can be happy only when you do what you want to do.”

The second part is cool, happiness does multiply manifold when you are in love with your work.

Although, how can there be success when there is no happiness?

There can be cash and credibility and fame and fortune with that, yet how can that ever equate with success if you go home every night feeling shattered from within?

That’s NOT success.

Here’s the solution instead:

1. Change your definition of success as the ability to do what you want to do – which pretty much makes it synonymous with happiness.

2. While you are still trying to make “happiness” happen for you, start digging small things in your current job that you like. It could be as little as having a clean desk or as big as having the opportunity to stay in luxury hotels.

The goal, is to live and swim and sink in happiness. Not only when you have it, also in the chase.