Wow! Just wow!!!

Last Friday, a founder and CEO of one of the groundbreaking startups in India approached me on LinkedIn. He wanted to speak to me for writing content for them.

When I responded to their DM to know more about the work, his first response was: “Thanks for the response,” and then we talked further.

Who does that in a mean world? Such a kind soul! He could write a social media post and get 100’s of writers in less than an hour, and still responding me with kindness? Wow!

So we spoke further and scheduled a meeting three days hence.

Almost two-and-a-half hours prior to the meeting, he sent me an email informing the meeting had to be inadvertently cancelled due to a family emergency. Not only that, he ensured to DM me on LinkedIn as well.

Of course, I understood and replied with an understanding and affirmative response.

That’s not the point. The point is he did not “need” to inform me before not showing up for a meeting, yet he informed me at two places – that too when it was a family emergency.

So so sooo fortunate to be working with such generous and kind folks. People who value the time and work of others just as theirs and not taking their art for granted are a priceless asset. Always.

Just that I got lucky, because the world doesn’t owe us anything. All the kindness and ease from clients like him is always a blessing to be bestowed upon. If you are one such kind soul reading this, thank you to you too! You rock <3 🙂

What to do at networking events?

Went to attend a talk couple of days back.

Was fun, filled with ton of rich ideas, and sitting in a room full of learned people.

What came out of that talk, was peculiarly spectacular:

The speaker kept asking different questions to different people and all gave their respective answers.

Of all those, two people who actually stood out for the crowd were those who had ACTUALLY done the work on that speaker’s ideas.

And no one, absolutely no one forgot them.

Why am I telling this to you?

Because, it doesn’t matter how many networking events you attend.

Unless you “do the work” no one will notice you.

And when you “do the work” you need not show yourself to them, you’ll be seen.

You’ll be seen.