Stern. Not really!

It was a delay in delivery of work from one of our delivery partners.
What was supposed to be delivered in two days, was easily and conveniently taking a week.

In the first week itself, they broke several promises.

As a result, I was asked to be stern with them. Which I did.

In the coming week, they again faltered.
This time I became stern without being asked to.

As a result, I was told to be the nice and kind girl, and let the sternness be the game of the seniors.

Which made me think: I let go of my original nature of being kind, it only backfired on me.
I am known for being kind and compassionate, however, I let go of my real original nature (which, in fact, is a good virtue to possess) and that backfired on me.

Lesson learnt: NEVER let go of your goodness, even when the world wants you to.