Cold rice and hot burning dal

Since I was burning with fever yesterday, the rice I prepared day before yesterday was used yesterday as well.

Used it as fried rice for lunch and dal rice for dinner.

The dal was freshly prepared, and the rice were cold. So when I poured hot burning dal on rice, the mixture still seemed sort of cold.

It made me think – as to how much power does being “chilled out” have. No matter how hot (or angry) someone else is, when you are chilled out, anything that comes in your contact also gets chilled out.

Would you want to give this a try?

Burning with fever

I am burning with fever. Something that disappears sharp at 9:30 pm daily and comes back at 11:30 am again. Wow!

Yes, I have tested negative.

However, here’s what I am doing:

  1. Attending meetings from bed.
  2. Working for my clients
  3. Cooking my own food

Why, you ask?

Because what we spend time with is what encircles our thought process. Thus, it always helps to stay distracted.

That said, I am not jumping around and walking very fast as I do usually. However, I am still not married to the bed and moving around. And that’s precious.

Also, if you understand this part, it is priceless: The disease is in the body. “I” am always untouched.