The biggest thing in life

The state with which you enter your home.
The way you walk from the parking entrance to your vehicle.
How much are you ready to ignore to make your happiness a priority.
How much you’re ready to endure to make others are happy
How to look at the person in the mirror – smiling or critical
The sigh or the joy on waking up.
Water bottle kept next to your laptop.
Not using phone because you want to read.
The general convo drifting around how bad your luck was, or how hopeful life is!

Small things that define our life in biggest ways.

Isn’t jumping in still better than reclining?

There’s this pool you want to jump into.

But on the outside, it looks too deep, too dangerous, perhaps terminal to jump into.

Hey, wait…you know that voice that’s telling you it’s dangerous, because you surely know it isn’t yours.

It’s the voice of people who are sitting at the back, and haven’t ever had the audacity to even walk up to the edge of the pool.

You clearly know it isn’t your voice.

Then a strange thing happens.

You jump into the pool, and realise it wasn’t that deep or that terrific at all.

Maybe sitting back on recliners and boohoo-ing isn’t so peaceful and powerful as jumping in feels like.

Now that you’re able to navigate that pool, here’s my question to you: “What if, the pool is actually too deep and dangerous, and is tougher than you thought?

Isn’t jumping in still better, so you develop your skills to the next level, instead of staying away from arena for the rest of your life?”

Isn’t jumping in still better than reclining?