Productivity Tips

Some productivity tips, not season specific or specific for place you’re working from.

Work every time, you just need to decide.

1. Don’t receive a call on the first time, unless it’s scheduled. It turns out, when you will call them back an hour or two later, the “important” work would’ve been resolved. So would be your time be saved.

2. Take a nap post lunch, do NOT engage in phone after lunch. Will make you happier, and of course, more productive.

3. One minute, every hour – take a break. Move, or sit still. However, just a break.

4. Have your goals for tomorrow, tonight itself. Your mornings will be saved from internet in the morning.

5. After having the goals for tonight, tell everything to God. Everything – good or bad, meetings, aha moments, etc., during the day – give it to Him. Surrender all good as a gratitude to Him, surrender all that is not good, to him to handle. You will be mesmerized at how your life starts falling in place.

That’s it folks! I could write a ten more; however doing less makes chances of execution better.