The dal rice syndrome

Each time I cook dal rice, invariably this episode happens:

I put the dal in one pressure cooker and put on the flame.

Next, repeat with rice.

Both the pressure cookers have been put to heat at the same time.

With a small difference:

The pressure cooker containing dal, has already had three whistles, while the one containing rice hasn’t had a single one till now.

The cooker with dal is preparing for its fourth and final one, while all of a sudden, the one with rice blows its four whistles back to back.

After this, the dal also gives its fourth whistle and both the flames are shut off.

Here’s the lesson this preparation teaches me every single day:

It may take time for your whistle to metaphorically blow, yet when it does, it’s just the best one.

Be patient and keep up your hard work, all will be fine at the end, as it did to rice.


While you are executing and being patient, it seems irrationally illogical.

When that patience pays off, you find all that optimistically logical.

Here’s the catch: when you have finally made that win, as you will, definitely: just remember to get back in action to have more low points.

This is not crazy, this is a fact: that you may want more success, yet the juice feels tasty when you have gone through the bitterness and knock-downs.


You may want things to happen quickly.

You may want results to pop out like a toasted bread.

You may also want to show them to others.

However, what takes time, takes time.

The awesome stamina you have after three months of strength training.

A wonderful friendship that has seen the scars of time.

A goal that made you rise earlier every single day.

Great things take time and patience.

And make you more powerful in the process.

Here’s wishing y’all a Merry Christmas!