The problem

If you wanna know what’s your problem, just try spending some time with yourself in solitude. That’s the real game.

All your weaknesses will come to the surface.

All your problems will come out with a revelation: that the source of them is common.

And when the source of that is common, the solution has to one.

What is that one, has to be decided and implemented by the one reading this right now.

Implement. Execute.

(Your own) advice

“I tell them to do this a lot, they don’t listen to my advice.” We think this a lot about other people, don’t we?

A bigger question to consider could be:

Do you keep a tab of what advice do you give to yourself? Do you execute on that advice?

If the answer is “no”, now you know why they don’t execute.

If you do execute on your own advice, there’s no reason others won’t.