I almost forgot…

I almost forgot to write today’s blog post.

And now, while sleeping, reminded of that.

So, what is it about today?

Hmm, I’m thinking of charging for consulting as well over the call. Okay, the client is going to pay me beautifully when the work starts, however why do I behave like a fool and offer 2.5 hours of free consulting?

Nishtha, grow up!

No one will value you if you don’t do that to yourself.

That said, the last leg of brainstorming with the client is left, will seek guidance from God in meditation early morning tomorrow, if it is right to charge or be modest if the contract is already yours.

Chalo, good night peops!

(Your own) advice

“I tell them to do this a lot, they don’t listen to my advice.” We think this a lot about other people, don’t we?

A bigger question to consider could be:

Do you keep a tab of what advice do you give to yourself? Do you execute on that advice?

If the answer is “no”, now you know why they don’t execute.

If you do execute on your own advice, there’s no reason others won’t.