About values of life

1. Staying by your values is hard. Yet devaluation of yourself is a murder.

2. You are who you are when no one is watching.

3. Doing nothing is important. And sometimes disastrous. It’s about figuring it out.

4. Helping without the ultimate intent is the real measure of kindness.

5. You are what you repeatedly do. Excellence is a habit. – Aristotle

Where are you coming from?

Roots and respect go hand in hand.

When you know where you are coming from and who is backing you up, you will never forget your values.

For example, my father has never touched alcohol in his life. Because of that, I have never had the craving to do so. More so, it’s always been a pride in saying where I am coming from.

College graduates from prestigious colleges take pride in saying where did they come from.

Kids of celebrities know how to live like a celebrity.

Employees working at Apple take pride in working there.

When we know where we are coming from, we take pride in never abandoning our values.

Take a look at the values you have abandoned.

Do they feel home? If they don’t, what’s the right thing to go home?