The tragedy of death

Death has taken bigger toll on 2020 than we had ever expected.

It has become a daily feat to conquer instead of facing it at the end of the life.

However, when death comes with a possibility threat, it also comes as a reminder:

1. That if it comes to grab us, let it take us away with our happiness, instead of letting its fear take away our happiness.

2. That there are people who need our support and just our emotional presence. We can always be there for them, even if we are not around them. Let our loved ones know you care. Because you do. And because they need you.

3. This moment is all we have. We don’t know what’s next, however we do own what we have now.

A note on remote thinking

For almost half a year, we’ve all been working remotely. While the new world comes along with its advantages and disadvantages, there is something under the covers we fail to see:

Since we lack communication, we fall in the trap of assuming. That assumption is often towards the negative side.

Perhaps we can’t have more communication with others anyway.

So why not start having those with our own selves? Why not start figuring out the most powerful meanings, when the meaning is up to us? Why do we have to just go the negative way?

Rants about truth

1. If you want to capture your truth to show it to others, you have already started living a lie.

2. A great life is where you are humble even when you don’t know how to.

3. Protecting your mindset is the best insurance.

4. Challenging yourself is the best safety.

5. And a little reminder: You are the product of five people you hang around with.

About values of life

1. Staying by your values is hard. Yet devaluation of yourself is a murder.

2. You are who you are when no one is watching.

3. Doing nothing is important. And sometimes disastrous. It’s about figuring it out.

4. Helping without the ultimate intent is the real measure of kindness.

5. You are what you repeatedly do. Excellence is a habit. – Aristotle

The most fascinating thing about life

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by what the world has caused you?

It’s like nothing is working out, and you have struggles to solve.

And you go about your work.

all of a sudden,
in a movement of ether,
you have a conversation
with a co-worker or anyone who doesn’t know about your current mood,
and bam! You are all set!

You are back to your energy, your charisma and back to rocket-speed.

That’s the most fascinating thing about life.

The question is,

“If someone else could do that to us, will we always wait for others?”

Do you want to change the world?

To shout is not power. It is lack of power.

To demean people isn’t truthful. It’s lack of self-control.

To check phone every three minutes is not being there for your team. They want you to be easy before anything else.

As we get caught up in this endless wave of doing what the world says is right, we forget that the world needs more people who are aware, not a photocopy of the world we need to change.

When did it actually happen?

When did it actually happen?

When did I move from giving love to needing it?

When did I move from giving tonnes of acceptance to needing it?

When did I move from cheerful, super happy and full of charm kid to crying whole day?

Never have I ever waited like this. Waiting for this time to go away. Don’t know when. I have written positivity and power for eternity. Then why so much truth? Why am I documenting my rock bottom? Why?

I have no idea. Other than the fact that I want it all out of my system.

And also one more reason: The ones suffering from mental health problems are already strong. They have to muster the strength to get back up. So don’t think they need any help. They spread awareness on it so that more people could become empathetic towards each other and more cases of depression stop from coming. That is the only reason.

About the weekend

Yesterday was a day purposefully missed out on blog.

Played badminton with cousins after a really long time. Covid has brought all the memories of having fun with each other back.

Also attended two online classes of two people I admire a lot.

And said no to someone who has no sense of respecting someone else’s (and their own) time. Without letting them know. Felt great. Learnt better tactics.

Honestly I could have done that. But I wanted me time. Sadly, our society values and respects us only when we are “doing something” and not when we are chilling and spending time with family.

That’s sad. And we need to change it. How? A. By taking some me time. B. By not judging others when they take their own.

Society just doesn’t go for a bath and gets cleaner. We do it each day by what we do. And by what we choose not to do.

About being undefeated

When you know who you are, you will always be undefeated.

When you know each of your thoughts have a spiral effect, you will always be undefeated.

When you know everything you want is waiting for you, you just need to be the recipient to receive it, you shall be undefeated.

We create a heaven and a hell in ourselves. Not because of what we do, rather because of what we allow ourselves to think about.

Think about.

Think about it.

Reach out?

It is a strange world, of course.

And in this whole process of being open and sharing your thoughts with others, are we really safe and secure there?

Most people today are carrying an emotional load.

And if we choose to share ourselves with them, the advice that is going to come isn’t necessarily going to be useful, rather the opposite.

So how do we be open in the first place?

Simple. Communicate everything to God. I personally write a letter to God every single night before going to bed, and the way he helps is miraculous.

As weird as it may sound, it is the reason that strong people persist and are able to be the lighthouse.

Will you, starting today?

PS: No one will see it, you’ll be happy!