A random moment of joy

Yesterday I was feeling typically heavy after my therapy session, which ended at 4 pm.

I went out of my room, and sat in the balcony with my Mom and 3 year old nephew.

We were talking random stuff. And having fun, because – kid 🙂

And then, he randomly went to the kitchen, brought a plate and a spoon, and started banging them against each other.

Nishu Masi, dance!

Somehow, I got up and started dancing. And doing the cartwheel. He stopped banging. I stopped dancing. He started banging. I started dancing.

Lasted for 5 minutes. But something I will remember forever.

No lesson to derive from. All good. Just life. And moments worth remembering.

Parents and kids

When parents force their grown up kids to do something, kids feel pressured.

When kids finally take their plunge, they feel guilty.

And I want you to know – in either situations, do what is right. It never goes out of style. When you do that, you don’t need to feel guilty. Do your best. And then trust yourself.

How to find that balance

Today I was supposed to meet some deadlines.

Then my niece came over, and she came specially to play with me.

So I had two choices – to scold her to come uninformed, or to play with her.

I did the latter.

Because you know what?

I have always stood by doing great work. So now I had a great bandwidth to delay.

It’s all about finding that balance. Do epic work to such a large extent, that when you don’t, it doesn’t make any difference: