This is a sad post

Sometimes I wish I was rich and famous.

Haha, isn’t that an ironical statement looking at my other posts?
Of course, it is.

However, here’s why I wish so:

Today I had a rift with a very good friend. She’s been super-supportive through some good valleys of life. However, each week we work on a project where I am supposed to proofread a document and she is supposed to ship it. There are other and bigger projects as well that we both work on. (This was a humble rant to show this is not only what we do :D)

So occasionally when we are not able to deliver on our project, either of us texts the other person to follow up. Last week, she did not text me, and as I realised I had to do the work, she had already shipped by then. This week, I followed up with her, however, she did not want to give me the access of the original doc (I know this because I specifically asked for credentials which the boss wanted her to share with me) so she sent me an email.

After doing the edits, I sent her the email. She responded with requiring me to highlight the changes. I said editing the core doc takes lesser time, and I do respect that you do not want to share your credentials, however, it will take more time for me to highlight that. She came back with doing it herself, along with two more solutions that were invalid according to me, however, after this I said I would have loved to do it for you had you told me straight away instead of doing things to make me do more efforts, and also apologised if anything hurt her.

No response from her.

Honestly, it felt bad.

Not because she did not “respect” me by responding. Rather because I thought we were friends and I deserved a communication and clarity from a friend.

It also felt sad because she works at one of THE top companies of the world and I have left my job to pursue writing full time (PS: I do make money that is more than my job as CA however that’s for another day) however I do not have that title with me. Maybe this was not her intention. The world, though, by default respects the ones with titles and the ones who flaunt of having more money.

I felt sad. Cried over this small thing that perhaps even doesn’t matter. Felt sad because I couldn’t create a good relationship with someone whom I thought was a friend. Sad because aren’t we supposed to be honest with our friends? Sad because I did not wake up in the morning to “grab hold” of her credentials, rather was genuinely performing my duty. Sad because maybe because of this we may never be vulnerable with each other again, however I do love her as a friend and do not want to let her go.

But, out of pure love for a human being, I wish we both brought more love onto the table.

Yet, it is the role of good friends to respect and accept each other as they are. So here we go, I’ll work on not questioning this part of her (she definitely must have had a reason) and rather be kinder towards her.

But it felt bad.

Perhaps this won’t matter a month or even a week later. Perhaps none of us is wrong. Perhaps both of us are. Perhaps she doesn’t even remember this. Perhaps she will do something good to me tomorrow out of pure intentions and we will forget about this.

However, after a leap of today’s sadness, will come multiple new lessons and thousand new ways to love those who already offer themselves to you.

True love, is loving your friends without waiting for them to love you back. Don’t hold grudges however keep a mental note to not to offer them your vulnerability again.

A note on trust

Trust yourself, as much as you trust others.

Trust yourself more often.

Trust others more often.

Trust the pain, because it solely is responsible for making you enjoy the joy of life.

Trust your hard work, it never goes to vain.

Trust your parents, even when you don’t want to.

Trust your friends, they are there for you – anytime and any place.

Trust your work, coz it will go out into the world and do more good.

More than anything else, trust yourself. You have handled worse in the past. This too, shall pass.

It didn’t work out

If it didn’t work out, something better is along the way.

If it did, you can create it even more epic.

Life isn’t about hits and misses. Life is about the hit you’ve made by being alive. You have a fiduciary responsibility to be the best of who you can be. If you don’t want to be in the life you don’t like, move. Stop wasting time on what didn’t work.

Strong and happy. Maybe!

I want to put a strong and happy face and tell it’s going alright.

I also want to be grateful for the love and blessings that I have been blessed with.

I also want to do great and productive stuff.

However it just isn’t.

Family thinks I’m too lost. In reality, I am too lost.

They think I’m working too much. In reality, I am trying to work too much.

They perhaps believe I don’t care. In reality, can someone please care without conditions attached?

Will learn to deal with it, navigate it, fight it, tell myself it will be over.

And it will.

Till then, we may just learn to switch from spreading awareness to becoming the awareness.

When you don’t know

When you don’t know, you still know.

It’s just a question of going deep within.

Let’s say you don’t know what to do when a friend does not respond to an important message of yours.

When you say: “I don’t know,” it is rather you deciding to overlook the option of staying calm mentally as well as physically.

The journey is never of the answer. The journey is of acceptance. You know it. When you do, how are you going to handle it? Most of us don’t know how to handle ourselves. Learning that, is the goal.

Is truth false?

If you choose to show your authentic self, it is amazing how many people would offer themselves to help you.

Society has taught us to show only goodness and beauty, and that is what brings respect from others.

The real thing, if surfaced to the top, would bring in reality from everyone else as well.

Collectively, we will take things forward, by showing where we lag.

Otherwise, false impressions will create false realities, which will serve no true purpose.

The scariest question

What if there is no one who loves me?

This is a scary question.

However the answer is a simple one.

No one actually loves you.

If you feel love is coming to you from someone, it’s because they are so full of love that they radiate it.

If you feel you are loved, that’s because you believe yourself to be worthy of love.

Love – is never to be experienced from others.

You can just fill yourself with so much love that you are radiating and receiving it all the time.

That is your true nature.

It removes all doubts of not being loved.

The question is, what will you do to get back to you?

No prescriptions, just the truth that you deserve needs to be the answer.

It makes it very clear that love is what you are made up of.