4 stages of making money

There are 4 stages of making money:

Stage 1:
Have no money, use your time to make more money.

Stage 2:
Have good enough money, where you don’t know what to do with it.
Still using your time to make more money.

Stage 3:
You pause from using your time to make more money.
Learn to make the best use of your free time.
And are still enjoying the more money that comes in.

Stage 4:
You do less, and you make more.
More than you could imagine.
Also, you have as much free time as you want!

There is so much to blog about

One of the things I’m proud of, is I keep giving updates of my work to my boss.
Without him asking.
Because he ought to know of stuff.
Yet, at the same time, he loves not following up.
So I share.
Because it is right.

On the other hand, I followed up with a team member who is running late with her work.
Sure, I am telling you so that “tu aaraam se reh sake”

Is that not your work?

I just wish…
I just wish!

Life lessons at Rishikesh – 1.0

First day of offsite.
Life lessons learnt:

  1. Never waste your sleep for people who would NEVER wake up early for you.
  2. Once you become a leader, you stop having friends.
  3. The so-called friends are your friends only because you have access to information that they don’t have.
  4. It’s okay to enjoy your company. And dwell in it.
  5. Eat less. Happy more.
  6. Also, be grateful for the team. Yet love your own company.
  7. You attract people to you when you are on your own.

Also, did I mention – how to find solace in your own company 🙂

Why is change so hard?

I returned to Delhi yesterday.
Was waiting for this for long.
Still, I miss Mom. And Papa. And kids. And the drama 🙂

Change is hard. However, change is what we must.
Maybe I will go back. Maybe I won’t.

Not pronouncing any decision as of now.
But really trying to spend time with myself.

And telling myself, “It’s okay. You will get through this.”

To all those in their 20’s

A 20 year old kid asked me what life lessons I would want to download to her?

Here’s just 3 of them:

– Say yes to opportunities more often
– Say NO to people more often
– Never miss out on workouts, meditation and 20 mins of reading

Have a rocking decade (and life)!

I was shivering, tbh

Last week, I wrote an email to a year-old client, asking for revision in prices.

However, I was shivering 🙂

I’m a content writer, I happen to write the most effective emails, and I am on very good terms with the client.
However, I was still shivering because subconsciously we have been taught that money is evil, and asking for what you truly deserve is filthy.

I finally googled 2-3 formats of price raise, and sent him the email.

“Noted with thanks” was the response.

That’s it!
That’s it?

That’s the beauty of working with clients who care – that they really care for you as well 🙂

It turns out, the only person standing in our way is us.

Do you have someone unhappy around you?

Think of an unhappy person around you.

Most probably, they would have a constant reason for unhappiness in their life – a job, a relationship, anything they hate.

Then, go back to the time when that relationship / job didn’t exist. Before that, there was something else that kept them unhappy.

It turns out, being unhappy is never dependent on life situations. It is always a factor of how you deal with life situations.

I have seen happy people boldly get out of jobs they didn’t like. Meanwhile, they still made sure to be happy at it.
I have seen happy people be happy despite the pay cuts during the pandemic. Because they chose to be happy.
Also, I have seen unhappy people get more dissatisfied by the day, despite all they needed was there and was getting bigger.

The more we realise happiness is a choice, the more will we be able to make the choice of being happy.