Why do we get sad?

The reason for getting sad is never the real reason.

The loss.
The no.
The rejection.
The lack.
The “never”.

These are not the real reasons. They are just drapes to cover up the original reasons.

The real reason is we are crying for something deeper.
We believe we don’t matter.
We think that our work doesn’t make an impact.
Or our presence doesn’t make anyone happy.
Or that everything will be happy even if we left.
Or perhaps that there will never be a tomorrow.

That is the real thing that makes us sad.

Think through it about what made you sad recently.
The reason was one of these.

However, the truth of life is this:

YOU matter.
YOU are important.
YOUR work makes a difference.

YOUR absence would make things difficult.

YOU are needed.

This holds true irrespective of what ANYONE tells you.

Pause for a moment to read this.

Letting go of a client

Letting go of 1.5 year old client at the end of this month.

We have grown together. In our business. And work. And maybe as human beings as well as our professional relationships.

However, as we grow, we change priorities.

For me, I need answers to work related questions to create content on personal branding. For him, he has just raised funding and maybe (rightly) does not have time. It is, thus, inappropriate for me to continue with inauthentic content.

The best part, which I also believe is the most mature part: He respected my decision instead of trying to stop me.

Btw, the reason for leaving that I have communicated to him is me not having time out of my day job. In reality, it is his lack of time for his own content that is making me make this decision.

Over the past few months, I have had several conversations with him about sharing his content, along with citing examples from other creators. However, since things aren’t changing much, it is better for us to part ways.

Still, he remains one of the most trusting and easiest clients I’ve ever worked with.

Bless him, with a better content writer, and the best business 🙂

4 stages of making money

There are 4 stages of making money:

Stage 1:
Have no money, use your time to make more money.

Stage 2:
Have good enough money, where you don’t know what to do with it.
Still using your time to make more money.

Stage 3:
You pause from using your time to make more money.
Learn to make the best use of your free time.
And are still enjoying the more money that comes in.

Stage 4:
You do less, and you make more.
More than you could imagine.
Also, you have as much free time as you want!

I don’t know, and that’s fine…

I don’t know if my work sitting in a remote silo is making difference in the world.
I have no idea if the people I care for actually care for me (so I could move on or continue lol)

But you know what…
Sometimes not knowing is super powerful.

Because it makes you do your own thing.

Doing your own thing without the influence of others, makes you more of your better self.
It is under that “better self” that you become stronger and okay with the fact that the world is not okay with you!

Notes to self

Hey Nishtha,

a. Slowly and gradually, you will overcome the bad habits by creating good ones. Patience is power.

b. Your validation lies in your ability to do what is right.
Everything else, is people’s fickling moods.

c. You are the creator of time.
Why are you waiting for time to teach you the lessons?

d. Most importantly, the world just opens up for the human being who is ever flowing and giving.
Stop needing love from others and take it from God and give it to others. You will be fulfilled like never before!

There is so much to blog about

One of the things I’m proud of, is I keep giving updates of my work to my boss.
Without him asking.
Because he ought to know of stuff.
Yet, at the same time, he loves not following up.
So I share.
Because it is right.

On the other hand, I followed up with a team member who is running late with her work.
Sure, I am telling you so that “tu aaraam se reh sake”

Is that not your work?

I just wish…
I just wish!