Notes to self

Hey Nishtha,

a. Slowly and gradually, you will overcome the bad habits by creating good ones. Patience is power.

b. Your validation lies in your ability to do what is right.
Everything else, is people’s fickling moods.

c. You are the creator of time.
Why are you waiting for time to teach you the lessons?

d. Most importantly, the world just opens up for the human being who is ever flowing and giving.
Stop needing love from others and take it from God and give it to others. You will be fulfilled like never before!

Five most powerful yet underrated skills

  1. The ability to not press Alt + Tab while working.
  2. The ability to focus only on the Google Doc you’re working on, and not reach out to your phone.
  3. The ability to forgive your “friends” who never asked for an apology.
  4. The ability to grow your people yet be inspiring instead of dominating.
  5. The ability to sit for 90 minutes straight and only work.

There is so much to blog about

One of the things I’m proud of, is I keep giving updates of my work to my boss.
Without him asking.
Because he ought to know of stuff.
Yet, at the same time, he loves not following up.
So I share.
Because it is right.

On the other hand, I followed up with a team member who is running late with her work.
Sure, I am telling you so that “tu aaraam se reh sake”

Is that not your work?

I just wish…
I just wish!


We all have variety of friends.

However, everyone has these common characteristics:

  • They make you feel valued
  • You don’t have to go beg for attention
  • They care about loving you as much as they care about loving themselves, and vice versa
  • You have clear communications, even fights
  • You feel alive in their company, not left alone.

Life lessons at Rishikesh – 1.0

First day of offsite.
Life lessons learnt:

  1. Never waste your sleep for people who would NEVER wake up early for you.
  2. Once you become a leader, you stop having friends.
  3. The so-called friends are your friends only because you have access to information that they don’t have.
  4. It’s okay to enjoy your company. And dwell in it.
  5. Eat less. Happy more.
  6. Also, be grateful for the team. Yet love your own company.
  7. You attract people to you when you are on your own.

Also, did I mention – how to find solace in your own company 🙂

A letter to God

I was listening to a spiritual song this morning, and its words stuck with me.

Here’s replicating it. Enjoy!

Chalte chalte, mujhe koi mil gaya hai, mujhe koi mil gaya hai
Mere saath chalte chalte

Wahi geeta bas gayi hai
Mera bhagya bante bante

Nayi duniya ban rahi hai
Shreemat par chalte chalte

Shreemat par chalte chalte

Chali gayi hai saari chinta, chintaaein chupke chupke

Ye jyoti jal gayi hai, ye jyoti jal rahi hai

Sab intezaam taiyaar, sukh dhaam nahi door

Experience this song here, and you will never be alone ever again.

To all those in their 20’s

A 20 year old kid asked me what life lessons I would want to download to her?

Here’s just 3 of them:

– Say yes to opportunities more often
– Say NO to people more often
– Never miss out on workouts, meditation and 20 mins of reading

Have a rocking decade (and life)!

How our environment impacts us

I usually read e-books on the Kindle device, instead of the app.

Few days back, I happened to open the Kindle app on my phone to show it to my Mom.

Since then, I haven’t closed the app, and I happen to read 2 pages daily.

We don’t need a new life. We simply need new hooks to the existing life.