What if you don’t get it?

The thing that you are looking for, is superficial.

You will not get it because it depends on someone else seeing it in you.

You will get it because being honest deep within, is a rare trait to be acknowledged. Let that trait shine on, even when there is acknowledgment coming from someone else to someone else. Being authentic is rare, live up to that.

When you have a terrible life problem

Someone in my circle, is going through a tough time in their life.

They have been going through a lot of tough decisions that they want to take.

Last couple of days, we got to spend some time together.

I spoke with them on some days, and they were okay the next day.

Today they’re back to square one, wishing and wanting the world to change.

Here’s the secret about the world: It will change the moment we change.

In order for us to change, it will:

a. initially require focussed effort

b. an effort to leave your bad habits

c. the belief that in order to change your life, you need to change your life.

The dependency on people is short lived. You get to spend your entire life with yourself. What you choose to do when no one is watching, is what you get to become when everyone is watching.

That strange DM

Today I received a LinkedIn DM from an old school mate.

Nothing real, just very small talk to strike a conversation.

And I decided to ignore it.

Not because I had some expectations of him and he had shattered them.

Rather because how long?

How long will we keep basing our dopamine on random DMs from strangers?

How long will we keep wasting our time in pursuits that cumulatively waste days from our years?

How long will we allow someone else to decide when will we be available on social and they steer the conversation?

The best people live on the edge of saying no. That’s where everything happens.

To listen to “yes’s” saying hundreds of “no’s” is the most important thing. Sometimes even in a day.

Candy Crush rules

It is hard.

The easiest thing is to sit on the couch and eat French fries. Or play Candy Crush.

Waking up in the morning and working out relentlessly didn’t come easy to Jordan as well.

It is going to take a lot out of you to get there. Yet if you don’t make the efforts to get there you will get to a place it would be very difficult to get back from.

Working requires hard work.

Doing nothing requires hardest work to deal with yourself.

You get to decide.

Is it possible?

“What if this fails?” Everyone asks this question.

What is someone shows you it’s possible?

What if someone shows you what all is working?

What if someone tells you that you have done it before, so repeating the impossible is possible?

What if that “someone” is the one in the mirror?

There are going to be a lot of times when the only person standing in your favour is you. And if you are strong from within, you will know it’s possible.

Will you? Stand for yourself? Every single day?

A bad day.

Set myself some goals for today.

Work goals, reading goals, phone-call goals, meditation goals.

Accomplished none of them fully. How much did I actually accomplish, doesn’t make sense because incompleteness is incompleteness.

Also I used social media for 1 hour! It was a big big wastage of time in the morning immediately after breakfast.

Lesson learnt: Own your morning ritual and the day falls into place.

Lesson I still need to learn: You get to decide. You control your day. If you focus, it’s possible in 25% of the time.

Lesson I must learn: No one loves you basis social media comments and likes. Sharing content is good just because you want to. Opening multiple tabs is equivalent to eating food without washing your hands – unwanted invitation.

Looking forward to telling you a success story tomorrow. Till then, keep rocking!

PS: I am strong, healthy and with my family. Life is fab. Utterly grateful. Will just raise it higher tomorrow:)